"The presentation was a smashing success. I could have listened to Dr. Zink all day long!"

-- Attorney

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  • Motivational Talks on Ethics and Leadership Enrichment
"How can we do better?"

Dr. Zink's uplifting approach will ignite in you and your associates the desire to do the right thing for its own reward.


  • Values Discovery Process
"What do we care about?"

Basic values of an organization are often implicit and unfocused.  This series of interviews will help you recognize and sharpen your fundamental values.


  • Ethical Climate Assessment
"Are we living up to our values?"

Dr. Zink's package of confidential surveys and interviews will help you answer this critical question.


  • Values-Driven Decision Making
"What's the secret to making good choices?"

This seminar will help you learn the skill of making the right values-based decision.


  • Writing an Effective Code of Ethics
"Do all of our associates know how ethics affects our everyday operation?"

Dr. Zink can help you write a code that clearly conveys your organization's approach to ethical action, a code that will help you "do well by doing good."


  • Setting Up and Operating Ethics Helplines and Hotlines
"Where can we turn for help?"

Dr. Zink can help you build feedback channels that work for everyone in the organization, so that your associates feel confident that your ethics initiative is genuine and effective.


  • Individual Ethics Counseling Services
"Where can we find an ally?"

The biggest barrier to doing the right thing is often the fear of doing it alone.  Talking to a trained ethicist can ease that fear.



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