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Hammer-Proof - A Positive Guide to Values-Based Leadership
June 1998
ISBN 1-892360-00-4


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Comments by J. Zink, Ph.D.

My brother has written a tidy little smash of a handbook for ethical survival. Called Hammer-Proof, it certainly is that. And more. The ground it breaks is that unlike most philosophical treatises which we have all no doubt suffered through. The book reads easily, makes delightful sense, and is an eminently digestible psychoactive medication for a world gone ethically mad on most days. But the real story here is my brother. Jeffrey is a real live American hero. A bombardier who has flown more than 2,000 hours in the belly of the great beast B-52, Jeffrey received in 1981 the first Air Force Air Medal given to a bomber crew since the Vietnam era for his role in leading the navigation of six B-52's flying non-stop from Grand Forks, North Dakota, to Cairo, Egypt, during Operation BRIGHT STAR. The bombers arrived on target within one-half of one second of the time they said they would be there. Next time you are late for church by a few minutes, think of six monsters flying 31 hours, doing 5 mid-air refuelings, and Jeffrey never even looking out the window (the navigators have no windows in B-52s). This book of his is a window. Through it, you can see your own soul. Often the superheroes we meet in life are people who sacrifice their families for their owns "careers." This is not Jeff. He is my hero because he loves his wife, Diane, and his children, Aaron and Trevor, and backs up that love with his presence, patience, and participation in their everyday lives. Jeffrey is a man who has walked in the path of the Lord his entire life; I am proud to be his brother. After you read the simple wisdom of his wonderful words, you will see how lucky I have been to be there throughout the years and watch this remarkable person discover his enlightened path. Jeffrey is the master if you wish to learn the art of becoming hammer-proof. Leadership is the art of the ethical. This book nails it.

Comments by The Gazette

Ethics expert hammers away at business values

"Chainsaw" Al Dunlap and other managers best known for their ruthless pursuit of higher profits are becoming the exception rather than the rule in corporate America, according to a Colorado Springs-based ethics consultant.

Jeffrey Zink, a former Air Force Academy philosophy professor, said executives are now focusing on ways to retain, rather than lay off, employees. Dunlap, former chairman of Sunbeam Corp., earned his nickname by laying off employees by the thousands to cut costs and boost profits.

"It is expensive to retrain people when someone leaves, so you have to create a climate where people want to stay," Zink said. "And it's not just about money; there has to be something more important, and that is the core values of the organization."

Zink preaches his belief in ethics and values-based leadership to both military and civilian clients, including the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, the U.S. operations of Perrier Group and Finova Group during seminars and workshops.

But Zink also has made his case in a new self-published book, "Hammer-Proof: A Positive Guide to Values-Based Leadership." The 110-page book sold out its first printing of 1,500 and a second printing is expected to be available by year-end.

Zink argues in his book that executives must lead by example to create a corporate culture where "doing the right thing" is both expected and rewarded. That advice applies not just to the chief executive, but those throughout the management structure.

You send a message to people above you and below you in management with your own behavior. "That creates a culture that people respond to," Zink said. "When you joined the organization, you looked to fit in, so you behaved the way you see others behaving."

"Hammer-Proof" is available from McKinzey-White Booksellers, Borders Books or directly from Zink.

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