"Riveting -- I was on the edge of my seat for two hours. Outstanding presentation, discussion, and content."

-- Human Resources Specialist

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Client Comments

Dr. Zink's Clients

While it would be a breach of confidentiality to list Dr. Zink's clients, suffice it to say that they include some of the most influential, prestigious, and highly respected organizations in the world. They seek success for everyone: customers, employees, and communities, as well as their shareholders. And they have learned that only a values-based organization can achieve that kind of success.


"I knew we could count on Dr. Zink to provide a top-notch workshop, but he even surpassed our already high expectations."

--Workshop organizer


"He has reached deep within me and really made me think about what I do! This must be done in every squadron commander's course."

--Military Commander


"Absolutely the best.  A great tool to re-calibrate our ethical thinking.  Each of  Dr. Zink's ideas spurred a dozen more."



"The presentation was a smashing success.  I could have listened to Dr. Zink all day long!"



"Insightful, challenging.  Dr. Zink has a thorough command of the subject.  This topic cannot be over-emphasized."

--Military Commander


"Riveting--I was on the edge of my seat for two hours.  Outstanding presentation, discussion, and content."

--Human Resources Specialist



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