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Choices - Using Values to Make Good Choices Every Day
June 1998
ISBN 1-892360-00-4


The Choice is Yours...

How do you think through your ethical problems? How do you know when one option is better than another? How can you teach your children, your co-workers, your students to make the right choices in life?

These are the questions that Choices is all about. It is a journey to the very foundations of who you are, a journey to your soul. Along the way, you’ll encounter the reality of people and organizations at their worst and at their best. And you’ll have a chance to look at yourself—the values you profess and those you actually live by. Are they the same?

In the down-to-earth style that thousands of readers have enjoyed in Hammer-Proof, Dr. Zink takes on the practical problem of making real-life decisions about work, family and friendship. Join him on this journey and you will learn:

The Purpose and Power of Values
How to Uncover Your Personal Values
How Vision and Values Work Together
How to Use Your Values to Make Good Choices

Mastering the simple skills in this book will give you the confidence and courage to live out the choices you know are right, to be a shining example to those around you.

Dr. Jeffrey Zink spends his time helping organizations and individuals discover who they truly are and live their lives according to that image.



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